Teaching with Drama Techniques – 3rd April 2018

The teacher Laura Vázquez introduced the concept of theatre and drama in education for developing key competences. The presentation was followed by a workshop and the participants designed and delivered their own drama techniques for their own specific purposes. Storytelling was used to introduce pre-texts on which the Process Drama is structured.


  • Understanding how drama and theatre methods and techniques can be incorporated into lessons.
  • Design drama play for working on major social challenges and building personal competences, such as motivation, self-esteem, intercultural skills, tolerance and respect.
  • Working on social challenges: immigration, inclusion, violence, gender equality.
  • Design educational activities, to accompany attendance of a theatrical play.
  • Developing communication, collaboration, presentation, problem solving, negotiation, critical and creative thinking skills.
  • Promoting drama and theatre methods as tools for encouraging participation and bringing learning to life.
    • Improving language fluency.